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Core Competencies Track
C11 - New PCI DSS Version 3.0 - Can it Reduce Breaches?
C12 - Innovative Business Continuity Management
Conference presentation only
C13 - COSO 2013: Moving from Five Principles to Seventeen
C21 - Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Studies, eDiscovery - Not All the Same
C22 - Audit Interviewing Best Practices
C23 - Effective Segregation of Duties (SOD) in ERPs
C24 - CSX: ISACA Initiatives on Cyber Security
C31 - Hackers Are Among Us:  Start Thinking Like a Bad Guy
C32 - ISO 27001: 2013 Updates
Posted when available
C33 - Data Analytics Tests for IT Auditors
Governance, Risk & Compliance Track
G11 - IT Governance: The Fundamentals and a Radical View
G12 - Performance GRC: A Well Positioned GRC Program Protects & Enables Business
G13 - Compliance in the Cloud: Business Enabler or Not?
Posted when available
G21 - FedRAMP Update and Lessons Learned from an Accredited 3PAO
G22 - An Integrated Approach to Technology Risk Management and Compliance
Posted when available
G23 - Internal Audit and GRC: Challenges and Solutions to Alignment
G24 - Talent Crisis 2014: Recruiting and Retaining Talent in an Overheated Market
G31 - Developments in Cloud and IT/Security Assurance: SOC2 and Other Standards
G32 - Programmatic Maintenance, Development and Spending in Security
Posted when available
G33 - How to Improve Your Risk Assessments with Attacker-Centric Threat Modeling
Professional Techniques Track
T11 - Communicating Risk to Executive Leadership
T12 - Auditing Elephants: Tales from the Trenches of Big Data
Posted when available
T13 - Best Practices for Securing Mobile Content
T21 - Developing Legacy Platform Security
T22 - Data Analytics/Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM)
T23 - Taking an Enterprise Wide Approach to Big Data Initiatives
T24 - Mobile Security
T31 - Security & Privacy Working Together to Achieve a Common Goal: A Case Study
Posted when available
T32 - Eliminating Data Security Threats
T33 - Six Forces: Developing a Next-Generation Security Program
Conference presentation only
Professional Strategies Track
S11 - Moving from Reactive to Proactive Security
S12 - Leveraging the Cloud Adoption Lifecycle to Reduce Security, Compliance & Governance Risk
Posted when available
S13 - Aligning Your Organization’s Business Units to Achieve a Cohesive Cybersecurity Strategy
S21 - Securing ERP Applications
S22 - Is Consumer-Oriented Strong Authentication Finally Here to Stay?
S23 - Fine Tuning Security Strategies Using Maturity Models
S24 - Security & Compliance: Taking a Business Perspective
S31 - Audit by Design: Moving Beyond Continuous Auditing - a Vision for Future Models
S32 - Right-sizing Risk and Compliance for Small to Mid-size Companies
S33 - Information Security Leaders Forum
N/A - Panel Session
Posted when available
In-Depth Seminars Track
D11 - The 10 Principles of Security in Modern Cloud Applications
D12 - Bridging the Privacy Trust Gap for Mobile BYOD Deployments
D13 - Auditing in an Internet of Things: Getting Ahead of Mobile, Social & Cloud
Posted when available
D21 - The Current State of Cybersecurity
D22 - The Current State of Hacking and Data Breaches
Posted when available
D23 - Insider Threat: Controlling the Wild Fires
Posted when available
D24 - Cybercrime: What your Bank Should be Doing to Protect your Business
D31 - Conducting a Personal Data Protection Review Based on International Laws
D32 - Security, Compliance and Risk Management for Cloud Relationships
D33 - Third Party Information Security Risk Management Programs
Keynote/Luncheon Sessions
O1 - General Session & Keynote Address- Future of Payment Card Security
Conference presentation only
O2 - Building a Security Program that Protects an Organization’s Most Critical Assets – A Different Approach
O4 - Challenge of the Ever-Changing Threat Landscape


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