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# Session Name
Monday Luncheon IT Audit vs. IT Security
Wednesday Luncheon Increasing Forensics in the Audit
C11/12 Intro to IT Auditing for the Non-IT-Auditor
ST11 Leveraging COBIT for More Effective Audits
CG11 Convergence of Security & Compliance
T1 Windows Active Directory & Vista
ST12 Planning & Executing Audits
CG12 Enterprise Risk Management
C13 Intro to the COBIT Framework
ST13 Communicating Audit Results
CG13 IT Governance
C21 Intro to User Administration
ST21/22 Auditing Unix
CG21 Overview and Current Trends with the PCI Standard
T2 Hacking 101
C22 Intro to IT Security Auditing
CG22 Mitigating Risk With A Green Data Center Strategy
C23 Intro to Change Management
ST23 Auditing & Detecting Fraud in IT Processes & Controls
CG23 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for Electronic Discovery
C24 Intro to IT Operations
ST24 Wireless Network Security
CG24 Overview and Current Trends with ITIL
C31 Intro to Automated Controls
ST31 Top 5 Industry Audit Issues (Panel Discussion - no presentation)
CG31 Continuous Monitoring
T3 Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
C32 Intro to ITIL Framework
ST32 Windows Server 2008 / Windows Vista SP1
CG32 Regulation versus Reality
C33 Intro to Computer-Assisted Audit Tools (CAATs)
ST33 Overview and Current Trends - ISO27000 Series Security Standard
CG33 Intro to Data Security & Privacy