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Core Competencies Track
C11: Third-Party Vendors: Your Weakest Link
N/A - Panel Session
C12: Agile & Dev Ops vs. Controls & Compliance: Inherently Opposed or Unrealized Opportunity?
C13: The Convergence of Enterprise, IT, and Security Risk Management
C21: Third-Party Risk: Comply with Confidence, Execute with Efficiency
C22: Career Accelerator Panel 2015
N/A - Panel Session
C23: Business Continuity Planning, Including Cloud Hosting Considerations
C24: Strategies for Building a Compliance Monitoring Program for C-Suite, Compliance Officers and Other Professionals
C31: The Auditor's Guide to Protecting Data in 2015
C32: Next Generation Firewalls: Top 9 Revisited
C33: SOC2 Basics: A comprehensive look at the SOC2 reporting standards
Governance, Risk & Compliance Track
G11: GRC Lessons Learned: Suggestions for Deployments
G12: Castles in the Sky: Enabling Trust and Compliance in the Cloud
G13: The Resurrection of GRC
G21: IT Governance Deep Dive (Part 1)
G22: IT Governance Deep Dive (Part 2)
G23: Current Schemes in Healthcare Fraud: DME and Narcotics Diversion
G24: Considerations When Moving Your ERP to the Cloud
G31: Third-Party Regulatory Compliance: What IT Auditors and Risk Professionals Need to Know
G32: Implement, Mature, and Sustain Multiple Compliance Requirements: SOC2, ISO27001 and FedRAMP
G33: Best Practices on Managing Risks of Outsourced Services
Professional Techniques Track
T11: The Dos and Don'ts of Vendor Risk Management
T12: Evolving IT Audit: Are the Silos Imploding? 
T13: Real-time Breach Analysis: The Newest Weapons in Your Security Assessment Arsenal
T21: Demystifying Risk Management in ERPs
T22: Security Analytics: The Game is On
T23: Strategies for Maturing Your Information Security Program
T24: Acquiring Risk: Information Security Due Diligence
T31: Who Decides Your Browsing Privacy?
T32: Compliance Through the Business' Lens
T33: Applying the Top 20 Critical Security Controls to the Cloud
Professional Strategies Track
S11: Consolidating Compliance Audits in Order to Improve Efficiency and Improve Risk and Compliance Posture
S12: When to Add Legal to Your California Data Breach Response Team: A "Just in Time" Approach
S13: Managing Risk in Tomorrow's Heterogeneous Environment
S21: Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation
S22: Navigating the Security Maze
S23: The IT Risk Environment and Data Analytics
S24: Auditing Big Data Projects: The Ethics of Machine Learning
S31: Rethinking Information Security Risk Management
S32: Failure of Cybersecurity Controls:  Review of Security Research Reports and the Security Controls that Fail
S33: Beyond Technology: Creating and Managing Successful Security Content
Cybersecurity Essentials Track
E11: Understanding and Managing Your Threat Landscape
E12: The Breach Kill Chain and a Layered Security Model
E13: Masquerading
E21: Securing the Internet of Things
E22: Are You Prepared for More High-Impact Vulnerabilities?
E23: How to Survive in a "No-win" Cyberwar
E24: Qualities of an Effective CISO
E31: Insider Threats: Malice, Mistakes, and Mountain Lions
E32: Why Companies Fail to Detect and Deter Cybercriminals
E33: Understanding BitCoin - The fule powering the underground economy
Keynote/Luncheon Sessions
O1: People are Key: Maintaining Your Competitive Edge in the Complex World of Cybersecurity
O2: You Can't Make This Stuff Up: The Fact and Fiction of Cybercrime
O4: Stuxnet and Beyone: The Age of Cyberwarefare

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